2021 Toyota RAV4 Redesign; Some Details You Should Know

2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Release Date

During this year’s New York automotive show, one of the most anticipated vehicles is the 2021 Toyota RAV4. Many people anticipated it because the RAV4 is the lineup that started the small crossover segment which still grows in popularity today. Do you want to know what will the latest iteration of the RAV4 come with? Alright. Here are the answers.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Platform; Changes of Platform

The new RAV4 will get a new platform: Toyota New Global Architecture or TNGA. The TNGA platform is larger than the current platform RAV4 uses. Since it is larger, we are going to see 2021 Toyota RAV4 redesign. Including in the redesign is a bigger headroom and legroom, providing more comfort to driver and passengers alike.

Larger but Not Heavier

With a larger platform, the new Toyota RAV4 will undoubtedly become a larger vehicle. However, this does not necessarily mean that it will be heavier. On the contrary, the new platform allows the 2021 RAV4 to be more dynamic. According to Yoshikazu Saeki, the chief engineer of RAV4, the New RAV4 is 4% lighter than the current one.

More Power yet More Efficient

The new RAV4 not only will come with more power, but it will also come with more efficiency as well. It will use a new 2.5-liter inline-4 engine which is capable of generating 15% more horsepower than the current one. As for the fuel economy, the number has not been released yet but Toyota has promised that the new RAV4’s fuel economy will be the best-in-class.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Is the Quickest

Yes, we are going to see 2021 RAV4 hybrid. Among the nine trims that will be available, the quickest trim is the XSE hybrid. It shouldn’t be surprising since the XSE hybrid is the upcoming RAV4’s performance model.

2021 Toyota RAV4 XLE Interior Features

A New, Unique All-Wheel-Drive System

The new 2021 Toyota RAV4 will be Toyota’s first vehicle that will be available in an all-wheel-drive system. But, it’s not just an ordinary all-wheel-drive system. It will use Toyota’s Dynamic Torque Vectoring which features Driveshaft Disconnect. This allows the RAV4 to distribute 50% of total power to the rear wheels as well as direct it to individual wheels in case it is needed.

The upcoming RAV4 will also have a Multi-Terrain Select feature. This feature allows for maximum traction in various terrains, including dirt, rocks, sand, mud and even snow.

The available hybrid trims will use AWD-i-system as well as a higher grade motor. With both of these, the hybrid trims will have more output and better steering.  Pure battery-electric or plug-in hybrid is not likely to be available. This is because the RAV4 is designed to have a balance between performance and efficiency.

Better Visibility

The side mirrors of the new RAV4 are going to be moved to the doors. This means that there will be no more blocking to the driver’s view. Not only that, the panoramic roof view will be available albeit it will be optional.

These are what the latest iteration of the RAV4 will come with. With all of those, we expect the new RAV4 to be able to provide an excellent driving experience, much like its predecessors. What do you think? Are you interested in the upcoming 2020 Toyota RAV4?

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