2021 Ford Mustang: Concept, Specs, Price & Release Date

2021 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Price

The Ford Mustang lineup is going to have a new member soon. That’s correct. This year, we will see a new Mustang: the 2021 Ford Mustang. What kind of sports car will it be? What offerings does Ford offer? When will it be released and how much does it cost? We will answer these questions based on what we know so far. Alright, are you ready? Let’s start.

In terms of hardware, the upcoming Mustang will receive upgrades and tweaks for some of its parts so that it can deliver the best. For example, its chassis is stiffened up by an alloy strut tower brace, allowing the sports car to have sharper turn-in. There are also a 0.9-inch tubular bar and a 1.3-inch front roll bar that improves to co control lean and sway.

2021 Ford Mustang Engine Specs

The 2021 Ford Mustang is planned to be powered by the same engine as the Ford Focus RS: a 2.3-liter engine. This 2.3-liter engine is estimated to have an output of up to 330 horsepower with 350 lb-ft of torque. This is 20 horsepower than the Focus RS’s output but 20 horsepower more than the 2019 Mustang’s output.

Color Options

Ford has announced that the upcoming Mustang is going to have four new colors. Among these color options is Grabber Lime. Grabber Lime is a color palette that is said to take inspiration from Grabber, the color finish available on the 1970s Mustang. The other three colors are Red Hot, Iconic Silver, and Twister Orange.


What makes the upcoming Mustang interesting are the packages offered by Ford. These packages are deliberately offered by Ford. The purpose of these packages is to make the 2021 Mustang stand out from the other sports cars.

Known as “Ford Service Benefits,” this program is planned to be a part of Mustang ownership. The program will be available on all versions of the upcoming Mustang. With this program, the cost of scheduled maintenance will be no more than $299 for the first 60,000 km or four years of ownership if the maintenance is done at a participant dealership.

Other parts of the program include Sync 3 map updates, membership of Auto Club, Ford Loan Car Program, and a five-year warranty, regardless of the kilometers.

2021 Ford Mustang Release Date and Price

At the moment, the exact release date hasn’t been announced by Ford yet. That being said, the 2021 Mustang is scheduled to enter the market in November this year. Yes, it will come very, very soon.

The current price range of the Mustang lineup is between $49,990 (base trim level) and $74,728 (highest trim level). So far, Ford hasn’t made any announcement yet regarding the details of the pricing for the upcoming Mustang. While there is no detail yet from Ford, we can expect a price increase.

2021 Ford Mustang Convertible Price


So, what do you think? These are what we know so far about the upcoming 2021 Ford Mustang. Based on the above facts, it seems the upcoming 2021 Mustang is going to be more impressive than the current Mustang. Whether or not this proven true, only time will tell. We will know the answer this November.

2021 Ford Mustang Pictures

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