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All You Need To Know About 2020 RAM Truck – 1500/2500/3500HD

2020 RAM Truck Pickup Towing Capacity

2020 Ram Truck is going to be very different from its predecessors. It discontinued the design cue that has been there for many years. Not only that, the upcoming truck is expected to get the most technological update as well as revolutionary design the truck has seen in over 20 years. Let’s see what’s new about it, shall we?

2020 RAM Truck Redesign & Dimensions

One distinctive 2020 Ram Truck redesign is its larger size. This is thanks to a re-engineered platform which allows the truck to be larger, stronger and lighter than before. The use of high-strength steel makes the truck weigh 100 pounds less while the parking-brake system further reduces 20 pounds from the truck’s total weight. In total, the 2020 truck weighs approximately 225 pounds less than the current model.

Excellent Interior

Speaking of the 2020 Ram Truck design, we will see redesigned and updated interior. There will be an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment display as the standard, while a new 12-inch will be available for higher trims. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility will be available, so is a navigation system. The combination of the Uconnect system and large screen display gives off a premium look for the truck.

In terms of seating, for the crew-cab models, the rear-passenger quarters will be more spacious. Indeed, the legroom increases from 40.3 inches to 45.2 inches which makes the truck even more comfortable. Heated and cooled seats and reclining seatbacks are also available for the upper-end models.

for the year 2020, RAM is likely to update the line 2500 & 3500 Series, this series of Heavy Duty has not received a serious update. for the type of RAM 1500 seems to only get a minor update only.

Performance & Fuel Economy

The upcoming 2020 Ram Truck is going to use the current model engines, which are 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar engine and 5.7-liter V8 Hemi engine. The Pentastar engine has an output of 305 horsepower while the Hemi has an output of 395 horsepower. Both of these engines will be paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox.

What is new for the upcoming truck is its usage of the eTorque system. The eTorque system provides quicker as well as smoother starts compared to the traditional systems. Not only that, the system also adds a brief torque boost of 90 pound-ft for the V6 models and 130 pound-ft for the V8 models as well. This system will be standard on the V6 models while being optional for the V8 models.

In addition to these engines, we can see from 2020 Ram Truck pictures that it has an active front splitter and grille shutters. These changes improve the aerodynamics of the truck, which is aimed to improve its fuel economy.

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2020 RAM Truck Towing Capacity

The upcoming Ram Truck sure does have a brawny look. But, what about its capability? Does it back up its look? Apparently so. The rear-wheel-drive model is capable of carrying up to 2,320 pounds and towing up to 12,750 pounds, while the all-wheel-drive is capable of carrying up to 1,950 pounds and towing up to 11,460 pounds.

The above is what’s new about the upcoming Ram Truck 2020 Model Year. Not only it has updated looks, it also has updated interior, engine, and capability. With all these changes, updates and improvements, we expect the upcoming truck to give a better driving experience.

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