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2020 Porsche Macan: Redesign, Engine, Price and Release Date

2020 Porsche Macan Redesign and Changes

2020 Porsche Macan: Redesign, Engine, Price and Release Date – The Porsche Macan line has become one of Porsche’s best-selling units. It is a small SUV yet capable of providing great handling and strong performance. Many families are attracted to the Porsche Macan due to its many engine choices and trims. In this article, we will talk about its soon-to-be-released model, the New Macan.

2020 Porsche Macan Redesign

Based on the 2020 Porsche Macan prototype, we can see that the 2020 model will get styling upgrades. One of these upgrades is an adjustment for the front and rear fascias. There will be a new touchscreen as well as more controls inside the cabin. As for the engine, it is likely that it will come with plug-in hybrid engine option besides the standard ones.

Interior and Exterior

The 2020 model will have a new design for its front fascia. This new design is likely inspired by Panamera. On the front end of the small SUV, we can expect a new bumper with dual-stripe LED running lights as the spy photos have shown. On its rear ends, there will be a new bumper and restyled taillights. As for the 2020 Macan interior, there will be a new touchscreen for infotainment display and more controls.

Engine Specs & Trim

Now, let’s talk about the 2020 Porsche Macan engine. The New model is predicted to be available in five trims: base trim, S trim, GTS trim, Turbo trim and Turbo with Performance Package trim.

  • The base trim will have a 2.0-liter, inline-4 turbocharged engine capable of generating up to 252 horsepower with 273 lb-ft torque and 20/25 mpg fuel efficiency.
  • The S and GTS trim will have 3.0-liter, V-6 twin-turbocharged engine. However, the horsepower and torque between the two trims are different. For the S trim, it is capable of generating up to 340 horsepower with 339 lb-ft torque while the GTS trim can generate up to 360 horsepower with 369 lb-ft torque. Both have 17/23 mpg fuel efficiency.
  • The Turbo trim will have 3.6-liter, a V-6 turbocharged engine capable of generating up to 400 horsepower with 403 lb-ft torque and 17/23 mpg fuel efficiency. The Turbo with Performance Package trim will have the same engine but will be more powerful, generating 440 horsepower with 406 lb-ft torque.

According to the rumor, the 2020 model will also have a plug-in hybrid engine. This engine is likely to be a mix between a V-6 engine and an electric motor.

2020 Porsche Macan Release Date and Price

There is not yet exact detail released about the price of the New Porsche Macan. However, in most cases, the price of a newer model is not that different from its predecessor. In this case, we speculate that the starting price of the 2020 model will be around $48,000.

As for the 2020 Porsche Macan release date, again, there is no exact detail yet. That said, it is rumored to be released sometime in this year.

Overall, the 2020 Porsche Macan is a good SUV with many features, engines options, and trim levels. That is if we assume the released model is more or less the same as the prototype. What do you think? Are you interested in this new model?

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