2020 Dodge Dakota: The Possible Return of Dodge Truck

The Dodge Dakota is a well-known mid-size truck lineup. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued for about a decade now. With the customers’ increasing interest in the mid-size pickup truck segment, will we see a 2020 Dodge Dakota? You will know the answer soon.

2020 Dodge Dakota SPied Photos Update

How the Return Is Possible

It is not a secret that customers’ have renewed interest in the mid-size pickup truck segment. Responding to this renewed interest, many manufacturers create their own lineup and try to get their own market segment.

Ram’s boss, Mike Manley, admitted that there is a significant growth in the U.S. mid-size pickup truck segment. Although Manley didn’t confirm whether Ram’s 2020 mid-size pickup truck will be the 2020 Ram 1000 or 2020 Dodge Dakota, the return of Dakota is quite feasible.

Manley said that Ram’s has enough room to “have two offerings” which means we may get both Ram 1000 and Dodge Dakota. There is also the fact that the Dakota was once a very popular lineup in the U.S. Currently, Ram is competing against Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. Because of this, the manufacturer will not just ignore the popularity of Dakota. Is the return of Dakota possible? The answer is yes.

2020 Dodge Dakota Specs – What Will be Under the Hood?

In terms of what is under the hood, the 2020 Dakota should have at least a decent engine capable of doing regular mid-size pickup truck duties. At the moment, there is an engine, a 3.6-liter V6 that has been shared across the lineup of Fiat Chrysler. If Dakota is revived, it will be powered by this engine.

Today’s mid-size pickup trucks come with rear- and four-wheel drive options with eight-speed auto transmission gearbox as standard. The Dakota might come with these as well in order to compete with the other mid-size pickup trucks.


For the design, we expect both the exterior and the interior of the Dakota to share similar styling with the Ram 1500. It should keep the main characteristics of the Dakota lineup while at the same time look more modern and stylish. Just like the previous Dakotas, the 2020 model isn’t likely to be a luxurious mid-size pickup.


Not much can be said regarding the technology that the 2020 Dakota will come with. While that is true, it is safe to say that the new Dakota will have various technologies that its competitors have. If anything, it will be a modern and capable mid-size pickup truck with technologies fitting for the year 2020.

2020 Dodge Dakota Interior Pictures

2020 Dodge Dakota Release Date and Price

There isn’t any information yet regarding the release date of the 2020 Dakota. At the moment, the return of the Dakota lineup is a possibility. It isn’t yet definitive whether or not it will return let alone released. That being said, if Dakota really returns it will likely to be either a 2020 or 2021 model.

Assuming the 2020 Dodge Dakota is released in the near future, we expect it to be in the same price range as the other mid-size trucks in the market. Expect the starting price to be somewhere in $30,000 to $35,000 range.

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